From the Pastor


His Grace, Metropolitan GREGORY; His Beatitude, Metropolitan ANTONY; His Eminence, Archbishop Daniel; Protopresbyter Frank Miloro;  Protopresbyter Jim Dutko; Protopresbyter Luke Mihaly;  Protopresbyter Kenneth Bachofsky; V. Rev. Thomas Kadlek;  Rev. James Gleason; V. Rev. Jason Kappanadze; Deacon Charles Ellis; Deacon Donald Koch; Mother Ralphaela; Pani Joan; Pani Kathleen Dutko;   Pani Patricia Duranko;Pani-Matka Julia Romanchak; Judy Koch; Helen Verno; Eleanor Adzima; Michael & Delores Kundrat; Mary Kolson;  Lyudmyla Hayova; Kathy Preston;Helen Coons; Michael Matzkevich; Robert Matzkevich; Marlene Wheet;  Joyce Nissen; Gloria Ewsuk; Andrew Chudanic; Jeanne Zimmer; Sylvia Serdula; Carole & Gary Herrlich; Jean Cox; Basil Havalchak; Kathy Snearly-Mahr; Rachel Corey; Robert Zobbi; Helen Nekelek; Julio Falcon; Shirley Scates; Donald & Dawn Covel; David Walk; Gregory Heath; Jean Hamar; Scott Hamer; Denise Topichak; Tracy Glass; Carol Bailey; John & Florence Medvitz; Joyce Merletti; Kaitlynn Dillon; Mary Jane Smith; Elaine Kerrick; Anthony & Sarah Voccola; Michael & Amanda Morton; Webb Family; Val Freeman; Preoteasa Marian Coca; Kathleen Loveland; Wade Cobb; Ronnie Hanes; Nancy Miller Svitlana Sokolova; Volodymyr & Olha Bodnar; Mariya Ivashkiv; Stlav Kurdyban; Christopher Koratsis; Steve & Barb Benyo; JoAnn DeLaura; Jim Heffner; Ginny Gabel 

For those serving our country: Jordan Worebey, United States Navy; Lucas serving in the United States Marine Corp; and all members of our Armed Forces serving our country at home and around the world.

For our First Responders, our Scientists and Research Professionals, our President, our Federal, State, and Local Authorities, and to ALL who are sick with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as well as their families and loved ones who grieve the loss of a loved one.

Our Brothers and sisters who live Ukraine and their families and family and friends living in this country as they suffer from unjustified attacks on their country causing the loss of lives, destruction and mayhem.

O God, grant to Your servants living in the Ukraione peace, and the strength to carry on during these difficult days.


Welcome To Our Visitors

                       At Saint Mary's you will find a welcoming, Christ-centered community of believers growing together spiritually in love and in the unchanging faith handed down from the Apostles.

If you are an Orthodox Christian looking for a home...

If you are looking for the timeless Christian faith....

If you are searching for what God has in store for you...

If you need a place to call home...

If you have nowhere else to turn...

If you have any questions please see Father Dan after Divine Liturgy or better yet, just join us for our coffee social after Liturgy.

Thank you for visiting!

Father Dan



Emergency Sick Calls: Father is available for emergencies at any time.                     Please call 607-936-0689 (Office) 607-962-5285 (Rectory)

Mailing Address is: 61 Canada Road Painted Post NY 14870

Confessions are heard after any service or by calling Father for an appointment.

Marriages are solemnized on Saturdays. Consult Father at least 6 months in advance and before plans have been made for the wedding reception. Marriages cannot be celebrated during the fasting seasons of the Church.

Baptisms are normally scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays. Consult Father for scheduling. Two god-parents are required, at least one of whom must be Orthodox by faith, and the other a practicing Christian.

Church Funerals are provided for practicing Orthodox Christians who are current in their Spiritual and Financial obligations to the parish. Otherwise, funeral is from the funeral home.  

The Orthodox Church does not permit Cremation         

If you would like to schedule a Memorial Service for your loved one please call Father at 607-936-0689 If you would like to meet with Father, please call him at 607-936-0689 (Office) to arrange a time and place that is convenient to you.



March 6  Gloria Ewsuk; Father Dan  March 7  George Koratsis  March 8  Jared Lehman  March 21  Bryce Benyo  March 25  Noah Coons

May God grant His servants good health, happiness, and salvation for many blessed years!  

Nam mnohaja i blahaja lit'a!